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About Us

The Service Station Dealers of Greater NY, Inc. was founded more than 80 years ago as the Inter-City Service Stations Association, Inc. to foster trade and commerce for the owners and operators of automobile service stations, motor vehicle repair shops, garages and parking lots. The Association established just and equitable principles in the trade, reformed abuses and improved conditions within the industry and promoted a spirit of cooperation among its members. As a result, the owners and operators of motor vehicles and the public generally have benefited from and been protected by the actions undertaken by the Association.

The Association changed its name to the Service Station Dealers of Greater New York, Inc. in 1983 but continues the mission of providing professional, high quality and fiscally responsible services to its Dealer members. SSDGNY is committed to bringing value to its membership, through a wide array of programs that encompasses such areas as servicing insurance, employee benefit and retirement needs to undertaking lobbying efforts in Albany and Washington. The Association aims to keeps its members abreast of the latest industry news and technological advances through an extensive communications capability that features monthly and quarterly bulletins and newsletters, educational clinics and a website. Finally, legal advice and representation is available to member through the services of Vincent P. Nesci, P.C.

Our Vision

Service Station Dealers of Greater NY, Inc., is a trade association comprised of owners and operators representing service station dealers, auto repair shops, retail gas facilities with a convenience store, garages, parking lots and other related businesses. We offer a broad choice of valuable programs and services, specifically tailored to meet members’ business needs.

We strive to be the model for service station dealer associations.

Our Mission

Founded in the mid 1930′s as Inter-City Service Stations Association, Inc., to foster trade and commerce, the Association officially became Service Station Dealers of Greater NY, Inc., in 1983. Today, SSDGNY’s purpose remains the same: provide professional, high quality, fiscally responsible services to members, always guided by our Association’s core values of respect, quality, integrity, and teamwork.

We will fulfill our mission through:

  • Leadership
  • Group Insurance Programs
  • Information & Training
  • Representation
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Legal Services

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