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Since its formation, S.S.D.G.N.Y. has been tireless in promoting cooperative action to secure the rights and recognition that dealers and repair shop owners deserve.

Some of many SSDGNY achievements

Passage of the Petroleum Marketing Practices Act (PMPA)

  • Prevents an oil company refiner from terminating or failing to renew a lease or supply contract without good cause
  • Gives the Dealer a Right of First Refusal to purchase his/her property from the oil company refiner

Enactment of a New York State law permitting the sale/survivorship of a Dealer’s franchise

  • Dealer exclusion from toxic waster regulations that require payments to the Super Fund
  • Prevented laws that declared used oil, oil filters and antifreeze hazardous materials
  • Defeated used oil filter recycling legislation

Prevented sheriff seizure of autos on member premises for Parking Violations Bureau judgments in NYC

Secured passage of legislation permitting disposal of abandoned vehicles at auction.

Achieved passage of a New York State law that allows you to purchase oil and TBA from whomever you choose.

Attained passage of Bill Number 9073-B permitting stations to sell unbranded gasoline

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