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Insurance Programs


Whether required by lease terms or not, prudent facility owners will purchase property & casualty insurance in sufficient amounts to protect their interests.

Because of the specialized nature of this type of coverage, this insurance can be difficult to find, quite expensive—or often times both. The importance of dealing with an expert in this area cannot be overemphasized and the association has developed a program available to our members to provide this insurance in appropriate amounts and at a favorable price through a knowledgeable and experienced agency.

Some of the coverages you should consider are:

  • Garage Liability Insurance This protects you and any additional insured’s you designate from third-party liability. Some examples of hazards covered include liability from trips and falls as well as from accidents involving test-driving customer vehicles.
  • Garage Keepers Liability Insurance Commonly confused with Garage Liability, this coverage insures the value of customer cars left for repair. If you commonly work on many vehicles or high value vehicles, this limit should be set considerably higher.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance Covers both liability (and if required) comprehensive and collision coverage for vehicles YOU own. If you do not own any vehicles, you won’t need this policy.
  • Contents Insurance Covers your business personal property against many risks of loss generally including: fire, vehicle damage, windstorm and theft amongst others.
  • Building Insurance Same coverages as contents but pertaining to the building you own or are required by contract or lease to provide insurance for.
  • Business Interruption Insurance Should your business be affected by a covered loss, your income would be affected. Business interruption compensates you for your lost income until you are able to resume normal business.
  • Umbrella Insurance Add additional millions of liability insurance ABOVE and BEYOND your underlying liability insurance. This type of coverage does not substitute for other liability coverage, it can only augment it.
  • Underground Storage and Pollution Insurance Actually a variety of different policies are available depending upon your specific needs.

Please consult with your field representative to arrange a review of your current insurance.

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