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Legal Program

S.S.D.G.N.Y. provides a Legal Service Program that provides our members legal representation and advice on summonses, notices of violation, leases, contracts and other business-related matters. The service is uniquely oriented to our industry.

This benefit is part of your membership dues. The only additional cost of this benefit would be a minimal charge of $150.00 per each court appearance of other out-of office service.

The Association legal program has been in existence for over 30 years. During that time thousands of members have benefited from the expert advice and representation provided by our experienced attorneys. Here are some of the benefits your Association legal program provides for you.

First, your Association attorneys, at no charge to you, will review and advise upon all documents relating to your business, such as leases, franchise agreements, contracts, supply contracts and installment contracts, as well as attorney letters, summonses and complaints, and letters, warnings and violation notices from government agencies such as Department of Motor Vehicles, Consumer Affairs, Environmental Control Board, Department of Environmental Conservation, the Environmental Protection Agency, Labor Department, Health Department, State Insurance Fund, Weights & Measures, etc. Imagine how helpful it is when, after receiving such documents, you can have an attorney experienced in our industry, review them for you and advise you as to how you need to respond.

Second, your Association attorneys are also an invaluable source of legal and business advice relating to your business. How should you respond to an irate customer threatening to sue? What information needs to be on your automotive service and repair invoice in order to keep you in compliance with D.M.V. regulations and give you the best chance to win if you are sued? What are the motor fuel inventory record keeping requirements you need to follow? What should you do if contamination is found on your premises? Should your business be operated as a proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation? If you and your partner want to split, how do you end a partnership or corporation? Who stays to operate the business thereafter? What’s the best way to own your property? Who can help you negotiate with hostile parties or with government agencies when they charge you with alleged violations? Where do you go and to whom do you turn for answers to these vital questions? To your Association attorneys, that’s who, and also at no cost over and above your dues.

Finally, for a very modest charge, and except for tax, criminal and personal injury cases, your Association attorney will stand beside you to defend you in court when you are being sued, and before government agencies when they charge you with violations which could put your licenses and livelihood at risk. Over the past 30 years our attorneys have made literally thousands of such appearances on behalf of our members and saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars in judgments and fines.

In short, the Association attorneys have worked for and helped thousands of members by giving expert legal advice when needed and by vigorous representation in the courts and before various governmental agencies. Some members even feel the Association attorneys have saved their businesses. Be smart. Put them to work for you.

Ask your Association Representative for more information regarding our Legal Program and associated services.

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