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Other Services


Association members are offered dental insurance, NYS disability insurance, life insurance and AD&D insurance at group rates. Contact us for further information on our dental plan offerings.

In keeping with our objective of delivering insurance products that have high intrinsic value and which members cannot duplicate on their own, the Association is in the process of developing additional programs such that it will ultimately become the one-stop shop for all of your insurance and employee benefits needs. This will include the following products and services: life insurance, short and long term disability insurance, long term care insurance, business owner packages (BOPs), flexible spending accounts, vision care, supplemental insurance, 401(k) and pension plans and garage liability insurance.

As circumstances require, the Association organizes meetings to bring relevant matters to the attention of its members and solicit their reaction. We meet periodically with our affiliated associations across the country to share ideas and plan appropriate courses of action.


  • DMV Repair Shop
  • DMV Inspection Station
  • DMV Certified Inspector
  • NYS Sales Tax Vendor
  • NYS Business Amendment
  • Westchester City Pistol License Certification
  • Federal Employment Eligibility Verification (Form 1-9)
  • NYS New Hire Form
  • DMV Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulations Book
  • DMV Enhanced Emissions Inspection Procedure Book

SIGNS (Metal, Suitable For Hanging on Pole or Wall)

  • DMV Repair Shop
  • DMV Motor Vehicle Retail Dealer
  • DMV Motor Cycle Inspection
  • NYS Automotive Excellence
  • NYS Handicap Sign
  • DMV Fee Chart
  • Bad Check Warning Sign
  • DMV Do Not Ask Inspector To Violate The Law
  • DMV Registered Repair Shop Sign
  • NYS Certified Inspectors Sign
  • Labor Rate Sign
  • We Accept Vehicle Batteries for Recycling
  • NYS Petroleum Bulk Storage Regulations Poster
  • We Accept Used Oil For Recycling

Please consult with your field representative for more information regarding the above services.

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