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Special Training


The Association realizes that keeping pace with today’s automotives technology is no easy task. The globalization of automobile manufacturers has brought a new level of sophistication to the vehicles our members are being asked to repair. Increasing parts, labor and operating expenses have placed a higher premium for members to get the job done right the first time. The only effective way to do this and keep pace with changes in management techniques is through comprehensive training.

To meet this significant and on-going need, the Association offers a schedule of courses and clinics for its members, designed so that our members will have the latest information and techniques available to them. The courses are taught by experienced professionals using both hands-on and classroom methods, at convenient times and locations. Subjects covered or scheduled to be covered include air conditioning, on-board diagnostic testing, repairing emission related inspection failures, brake repair, electronic fuel injection, rack and pinion steering, constant velocity systems and computer command problems. We are also investigating the need for providing seminars on other non-technical areas of your business, including insurance, financial and management issues.

Ask your Association Representative for more information regarding our Training Programs as well as other Special Training offerings.

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