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Presidents Corner


Hello All,

Hope you all had a great summer season. We now have to prepare for the winter season that is coming soon. This is a great time to have specials on winterizing your customers vehicles. There are great websites that can help customize post cards to send out to your customers as reminders on what they should be prepared for when the cold weather hits. If you need any help on that call the association we can certainly aid you in this area.

I just want to fill you in on things that are happening in the association. We are headed up to Albany in the beginning of October to meet with the Department of Motor Vehicles. We will be discussing the following:

  • The inspection fee.
  • The scheduling of the inspector certification test. It appears that it’s only being given in certain regions and some candidates for inspector certification have been forced to travel a great distance to take the test.
  • DEC’s request that a certified catalytic converter become part of the inspection program.
  • Legislative efforts to include inspecting reflective license plate covers as part of the inspection procedure.
  • Unlicensed auto repair and collision shops performing work without a license, proper equipment or a Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Tire and mobile repairs that are not licensed and stores that perform diagnostics with no repair shop license.
  • Providing the AFI report on hearing notices when they are sent to the station that has the violation.
  • Discuss options for licensing technicians.

At the end of October we are headed to Las Vegas to attend the SEMA show and to meet with our national lobbying group, Service Station Dealers of America (SSDA) and state associations across the country to see what is going on in the industry in their states.

We are constantly working to help better our industry. If you have any concerns or issues you want us to address please contact the office and voice them. We are your watchdog and we are here to help you.

SSDGNY President

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